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How to Enjoy Iceland Hot Springs, According to EC



Iceland is an extraordinary country with some of the most amazing natural scenery and skies in the world, so no wonder the home of the famous Blue Lagoon hot springs and many other mineral rich, amazing hot springs, hot swimming pools and hot tubs is so popular.

This post will tell you how and when to bathe safely, and where to find the best hot springs in Iceland including free hot springs.

Iceland boasts some of the best hot springs in the world with geothermal energy creating bathing spots with health benefits and stunning views.

Most people have heard of the famous man-made Blue Lagoon but there are many other natural geothermal water pools of all sizes to enjoy across the island.

Some of Iceland’s hot springs have no facilities, not even a basic outdoor shower or changing room, whereas others are more developed. Choose from mountain, meadow, ocean or volcanic landscape views as you marinate in hot spring water.

Some of the best natural hot springs in Iceland

With so many to choose from, which Icelandic hot spring do you choose to soak in? Here’s a list of some of the best destinations where you can be relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed.

soaking in Reykjadalur Valley hot springs


Reykjadalur Valley

We love the hot springs in Reykjadalur Valley so much that this is where we stop on our Iceland adventure to soak in the sulphur-blue waters before tackling the glaciers. Hike around 3km up the Rjúpnabrekkur Ptarmigan slopes, leading to Reykjadalur hot steam valley and the Reykjadalur hot springs, hot streams and river.

Pass bubbling mud pools and a borehole called Drottningarhola (Queen’s borehole) and the Djúpagilsfoss waterfall to reach a unique hot river.

Admire milky blue water pools along the way but as many are dangerously hot stay on the path up to the river where you’ll see a boardwalk to enter the water from (free!).

Top tip: The further up the river you go, the hotter the water gets.

Where to get info:
Location: Reykjadalur, Iceland

Secret Lagoon

The sulphur-rich Secret Lagoon is one of the most popular iceland hot springs. It’s also the oldest natural pool in Iceland.

This beautiful natural hot spring has lots of facilities including a snack bar but retains a natural vibe. Active geysers keep this pool constantly refreshed at a comfortable 38-40° C (100–104° F).

Where to get info:
Location: Hvammsvegur, Flúðir, Iceland

Blue Lagoon

No guide to Iceland’s dreamy hot springs would be complete without mention of the Blue Lagoon on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Many people swear by the regenerative qualities of the silica rich, sulphurous water and the silica mud for face masks.

mud face masks in iceland hot springs
We like to slather the mud on our faces for the full hot spring experience

Water temperatures average 37–39° C (98–102° F) and you can enjoy food, drinks (including cocktails—hurrah!) massages or a session in a steam room or sauna too.

Where to get info:
Location: Norðurljósavegur 9 240, Grindavik, Iceland

Like this list of recommendations? Check out our recommendations on our Iceland Hot Springs map:

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Iceland, According to Explorer Chicks


Explorer Chicks who’ve been to Iceland say doing what sounds like dumb stuff like stripping naked and making a chilly dash to a famous hot spring, then sitting there with snow softly falling while sharing some fizz, is actually life affirming.

After all, as one explorer points out, life is for living and there’s nothing like feeling all the feels in hot streams to make you realise you are alive!

Ready to Go for a Dip in a Hot Spring?

Are you all fired up and already hunting out your swimming gear and waterproof wearable video cam? Good! Check out the exciting itinerary offered on this Icelandic Adventure with Explorer Chick, book now and start counting the days to your own luxurious hot spring experience.



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