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Lake Bled Slovenia: Why You CAN’T Miss The Chance To Visit!


lake bled slovenia


Are you ready for jaw-dropping views? Drool-worthy Insta photos? Get on board with a visit to the iconic Lake Bled in beautiful Slovenia!

One of the most picturesque destinations in the country, Lake Bled is a destination that can’t be missed when you visit Slovenia. The turquoise-green hues of this beautiful lake reflecting the blue skies above the surrounding mountains are sure to leave you totally enchanted.

While you could easily spend your entire trip to Slovenia in the capital city of Ljubljana, Lake Bled is a nature lover’s paradise and a true taste of what Slovenia is known for.

Just a short drive from main attractions like a medieval castle and stunning national parks; surrounded by stunning views of the Julian Alps, Lake Bled is ideal for experiencing the true natural beauty of the Slovenian countryside.

The Best Things to do in Lake Bled Slovenia

Nearly a million visitors make their way to Lake Bled each year, and you should totally be one of them! Regularly featured in travel magazines and publications all over the world, it’s easy to see why Lake Bled is so popular as soon as you lay your eyes on it. Talk about electric blue!

Amazing food, a bustling city center, and access to tons of outdoor adventures in the area make Bled an ideal place to base your Slovenian excursion. These are some of the BEST Lake Bled activities that you just can’t miss.


Take A Guided Tour Of Bled Castle 

Perched atop the cliffs on the northeast end of Lake Bled, Bled Castle is the oldest castle in Slovenia still in use today! This castle is complete with a drawbridge, moats, and stunning towers and terraces.


Bled Castle


Bled Castle is one of the most visited destinations in the Lake Bled area. The castle is just a five-minute drive by car or taxi from the center of Bled. You can also walk from the city center to reach Bled Castle, which takes only about 20 minutes. The entrance fee to the castle costs 13 euros for adults and 8.50 euros for students.

Once inside, you can explore the castle’s museum, church chapel, galleries, still-active print shop, and restaurant serving fresh, seasonal cuisine. Tours of the facilities are available on a daily basis, but you can certainly explore this incredible Bled Castle on your own, too.

Take A Traditional Boat To Lake Bled Island & Ring The Wishing Bell

Bled Island is actually the only natural island in Slovenia. On top of a hill on the small island sits the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption, watched over by the Virgin Mary and historically housing church bells with a magical twist: those who ring it get to make a wish!

Traditional transportation to Bled Island is via a boat ride on the Slovenian Pletna boats from the shores of Bled Lake. They run back and forth throughout the day, and it only takes about 20 minutes each way to make the trip. You’ll definitely want to opt for this mode of transport in the fall and winter months.

If you’re visiting Lake Bled in the spring or summer and feel up for a human-powered adventure, you can rent a kayak or rowing boat for about 15 euros and make your way to Bled Island at your own pace and swim along the shores before your return to the mainland.


explorer chicks at lake bled slovenia
Explorer Chicks enjoying SHE-nanigans IN Lake Bled, Slovenia


The Legend Of The Bell On Bled Island:As the legend goes, a distraught widow living in Bled Castle had all her silver and gold cast into a bell to be placed in the chapel on the island in honor of her husband. In transport, the original bell sank and a new bell had to be cast. The chapel is a popular wedding site today, and legend states the groom must carry his bride in silence up the 99 stone steps to reach the chapel and ring the wishing bell for good luck!

Sample A Traditional Slovenia Dessert: Bled Cream Cake

Where better to try Bled Cream Cake than at the dessert’s namesake Lake Bled? Satisfy your sweet tooth with this absolutely delicious traditional confection.

Bled Cream Cake is a rich vanilla cream and custard confection, typically with layers of crispy puff pastry and served with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. Trying this decadent dessert is MUST when you visit Lake Bled.

Some of the best places to try Bled Cream Cake are at the restaurants in Bled Castle above the city, and at the Park Hotel in downtown Bled.

Make The Trek To Triglav National Park

Lace-up your hiking boots to take in the beautiful scenery of Triglav National Park! Just about a 15-minute drive from Lake Bled, Slovenia takes great pride in this natural gem filled with breathtaking attractions. Getting to the national park from Bled by local bus takes only about 45 minutes and costs just 9 euros!

Take in the gorgeous crystal-clear waters on the Radovna River running through the park. Visit Vintgar Gorge and the famous Savica Waterfall, two of the most incredible natural features in Slovenia. Hike trails that lead you to astounding views of the Slovenian mountains and Julian Alps.

Make your way around gorgeous Lake Bohinj on the almost-entirely flat footpath. The trail stretches about 12 km around the lake and takes about three hours to complete, depending on your pace and how many times you stop to snap photos (trust us, it’ll be a lot).


Planning Your Trip & Travel Tips For Lake Bled

There is SO much to see in Lake Bled, let alone in all of Slovenia! To really experience the magic of this central European paradise takes careful planning. Is one day enough to enjoy all that Lake Bled offers? Here are some logistics and travel tips for visiting Lake Bled to help you decide.

Day Trip vs Multi-day Trips To Lake Bled

There are Lake Bled tours that leave from Ljubljana ranging from half-day to full-day and usually take between 6-10 hours. Even a half-day is pretty much a full-day trip with transportation time.

Tours to Lake Bled are often combined with visits to top destinations in the area like Lake Bohinj, Vintgar Gorge, and Postojna Cave. Hitting all of these destinations in a day lets you see a lot, but without spending very much time in each place. To fully experience Bled and Bled Lake, a multi-day trip is your best option.

Lake Bled Hotel Recommendations 

To stay in the true lap of luxury in the city of Bled, book your stay at the Grand Toplice Hotel, a charming 19th-century building with elegant rooms, furnished balconies, a private beach, and a fine-dining restaurant. The hotel has an astonishing view of the Julian Alps and Bled Castle.

The Hotel Vila Bled is a former presidential residence, now serving as an adorable hotel on private property with incredible views of Lake Bled. It features a grand pool and is surrounded by a charming park and gardens, situated perfectly central to all Lake Bled activities.


soaking in thermal hot springs in Slovenia
Explorer Chick soaking in thermal hot springs in Slovenia


Budget travelers who don’t mind sharing space can visit Bled and save some green by staying at the superbly rated Bled Hostel. Cozy rooms, clean bathrooms, and a bar downstairs make this a great option for meeting other travelers.

How To Get To Lake Bled From Ljubljana 

From the train stations in Ljubljana is about an hour and a half ride to either the Bled Jezero or Lesce Bled Railway Stations — about five miles outside the city center on the western side of Bled Lake. You can take a taxi to Bled from either train station for around 5-10 euros, or catch the bus that stops on its way into town for about 1.30 euros. You can buy train tickets here!

A bus will take you from Ljubljana to Lake Bled for only about 7 euros and takes about an hour and twenty minutes, with hourly departures from the Avtobusna Postaja Bus Station in Ljubljana. Trains and buses usually leave every hour between the two destinations. You can check schedules and buy bus tickets here!

If you want to tour Slovenia independently, there are a handful of car rental companies in the capital of Ljubljana. This option does offer you the most freedom and flexibility for coming and going, but unless you’re familiar with driving in foreign countries, public transport to top destinations like Bled may be the way to go.

The Best Time To Visit Lake Bled Slovenia

The best weather for visiting Lake Bled is usually during the summer months from May to September. Regarding crowds, you can usually still get pretty good weather and run into fewer tourists if you visit Bled in April or October.

Most businesses and tours are open through November. If you do visit in the winter months, be sure to check if the things you want to do in Lake Bled will be open and accessible.

Ready to Explore Slovenia?

Is visiting Lake Bled Slovenia at the top of your travel bucket list yet? We thought so! Join a slap-happy group of adventurous gals who can’t wait to explore Slovenia.

Explorer Chick’s action-packed Slovenia tour includes a soak in Lake Bled’s natural thermal hot springs, an epic hut-to-hut adventure through Triglav National Park, and a whole lot of eating and drinking traditional Slovenian fare!

The only catch? You’re guaranteed to leave with new friends you can’t wait to see again and memories you’ll NEVER forget! Join an Explorer Chick adventure today!


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