Explorer Chick is an active adventure travel company offering Women-only, small group trips and workshops.

Our Philosophy is simple: Go Outside and Play.

You won’t find trips with an agenda promising transcendental, spiritual experiences. You won’t find guarantees of weight loss. And you definitely won’t find vegan diets or scheduled time for journaling.

Nope, we kick it old school and simple. In our world of boxes and “To Do” lists, we deliver a time for you to go outside and play. To step away from the routine and the expectations. To test your limits, to challenge yourself to new heights, and to experience more adventure in the outdoors.

Explorer Chick believes every woman is on her own journey and ready for different experiences. We provide the itinerary, the opportunity, and the community for you to discover it. 

This is how we meet our Mission of Impact. By simply reminding you of how it feels to play.

We wrote an entire blog post to the art of playing and why we find it so important HERE.

The only question that remains is: Are you ready to elevate your next vacation? 

“A big thanks to Nicki Bruckmann and Explorer Chick Adventure Co. for reminding me of my love of being active in the great outdoors… now I have a new hobby – chasing waterfalls!”

– Amber Miller (Cabarete ~ November 2015)

“Thank you, Nicki, for the adventure that has inspired my return to seeking adventure in everything I do!”

-Anna M. (Cabarete ~ November 2015)