Emily McDonald

Emily is the Digital Marketing Manager at Explorer Chick. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and communications, and she loves getting to help connect women to the outdoors through storytelling and media. Combining her passion for media and the outdoors, she has worked with outdoor brands like Nemo Equipment, Osprey, Sea & Summit Sunscreen.

While her home base is Florida, Emily has been nomadic for the last five years. She’s lived in Yellowstone National Park, South Korea, and a Chevy Express van cruising around the western US. Emily loves cooking meals for friends, trying local brews in every new city she explores, and booking last-minute spontaneous flights to new countries.

While she loves traveling to new places, her favorite memories are always the ones where she connects with new people and gets to share her experiences with others. So far, she’s checked off 33 states and 16 countries.

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