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Now Recruiting Brand Ambassadors

Calling all Explorer Chicks!!! We are excited to announce the launch of our 2016 Brand Ambassador program.

When I conceived the idea of Explorer Chick I saw it as a company that brings together women for thrilling vacations fueled by the rush of adrenaline. Not trips that have you hunkered down in an all-inclusive resorts, but instead immersed in extraordinary experiences, challenges, and culture. Trips that were completely planned, impeccably managed, and action packed allowing women to leave behind their routine and truly experience a new place in the world.

The idea of Explorer Chick has since become more than just an Adventure Travel company, but it’s evolved into a Lifestyle. There have been so many women who have shared with me how much they love the idea, mission, and philosophy of Explorer Chick.

Let’s get outside and play. Let’s push ourselves to embark on challenges, new experiences, and learn skills that can bring us closer to the natural world. Let’s reframe the chore of fitness as play. Most importantly, the Explorer Chicks who have traveled with us, have told me how the trips have impacted their lives. How they have “inspired my return to seeking adventure in everything I do!” (Anna M. ~ Cabarete Nov. 2015).

Yes! We’re going to continue to offer women only, small group adventure travel. In fact, you’ll see our calendar expand with new locations and trips in 2017. We’re brainstorming right now some new ideas and trips. Nothing is off limits!

But, not every woman is able to travel with Explorer Chick whether restrained by budget, time, family, or other obligations. However, every woman can live the Explorer Chick lifestyle. This is where our new Brand Ambassador Tribe comes in.

In an effort to inspire more women to get outdoors to play and to grow our community, we’re recruiting up to 20 women to join the Explorer Chick Tribe.

The Perks:

  • Discounts on travel for you and your friends
  • Opportunity to earn deeply discounted up to free travel and/or referral fees
  • Explorer Chick swag
  • Swag from our sponsors and partners
  • Time to shine in our Social Media spotlight
  • Empower and Inspire women to get outside and play, take on new challenges, and love life
  • Exclusive access to the Brand Ambassador Facebook Group page to take part in shaping Explorer Chick and to meet the other ambassadors
  • Help grow and be part of a community whose philosophy is simply to get outside and play!


  • Represent the Explorer Chick lifestyle by playing outdoors and seeking adventure
  • Share and invite your tribe to follow Explorer Chick through Social Media
  • Join and provide feedback in the Exclusive Explorer Chick Brand Ambassador Facebook Group
  • Engage and participate in Explorer Chick social media campaigns and buzz
  • Contribute to the Explorer Chick blog and social media
  • Organize and/or participate in local events to create awareness, goodwill and publicity for Explorer Chick (Meetups, Facebook events, networking, etc).
  • Help grow the Explorer Chick brand and lifestyle!

To get started, you’ll need to fill out our application.