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The BEST Hiking in Slovenia For Epic Views


hiking in slovenia


Slovenia is, without a doubt, a hiking haven. With emerald lakes, jagged peaks, pine forests, and rolling hills, there truly is no place like it.

Picture your dream hike. Slovenia has tons of routes that probably exceed those expectations, which is why we’ve narrowed down the most rewarding and exciting hikes for adventurers in the Slovenian Alps.

Top Slovenia Mountain Ranges

A trip to Slovenia isn’t complete without a visit to one of the remarkable mountains. Even if you’re not into summiting steep slopes, you can stick to a short hike that’ll immerse you in the beauty all the same.

The Slovenian Alps consist of three different mountain chains, each with their own unique beauty. The Julian Alps are by far the most well-known. They extend all the way into Italy and are home to Slovenia’s gorgeous Triglav National Park. Make your trip here a multi-day hike, and spend a night at the popular Triglav Lakes Hut.

Seven Triglav Lakes
Explorer Chicks enjoying the view on our hiking trip in Slovenia

The Kamnik-Savinja Alps is best-known for Logar Valley, a stunning glacial valley. This mountain range is the perfect playground for both experienced and newbie hikers. Marvel at the other Slovenian mountains from high alpine routes. It’s a truly authentic experience to hike this mountain range, and you’ll be rewarded with walks through spruce forests, mountain meadows, and white limestone peaks similar to the Dolomites.

The Karavanke Alps divide Slovenia and Austria. While it’s lesser-known, it’s actually the longest mountain range in Slovenia. You’ll find some friendlier hikes over here, with grassy hills replacing some of the steep walls found in the Julian and Kamnik-Savinja ranges.

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Tips For Hiking in Slovenia

There’s no such thing as being too prepared, so make sure you do all the necessary research before you embark on your next fun-filled hiking adventure. Plan your trip ahead of time to avoid any unpleasant weather or swarms of crowds and make sure you have all the essential equipment.

There are a few options for getting around Slovenia, and a few different types of hikes to choose from. Soak up all this information, and before you know it, you’ll be living your Slovenian, fairytale dream.

    • Best months to hike: May and June are prime hiking months if you want to avoid any crowds or hot temperatures. Alpine day hikes are best in July and August, and this is when mountain huts will also open their doors.

    • What to bring: Bring light summer clothes and hats to protect yourself from the sun. Stock up on both food and water, even if you’re only planning a short hike. And don’t forget navigation supplies, a first aid kit, and a helmet if you’re trekking deep into the alpines.

    • Different types of hikes: Slovenia’s landscape is rich, meaning there’s a kind of hike for every explorer. You can go hut-to-hut hiking, explore subalpine hills or wine regions, and traverse some incredible peaks over the course of multiple days in any of the alps.

    • Getting around Slovenia: A car is always going to be your most flexible option, but since Slovenia’s mountain ranges are such a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, public transit can get you to most places. Taxis can be another affordable option.

    • Planning a hut-to-hut hike: Hiking huts are an incredible way to experience the backcountry in its most true form. You can book guided tours, or experience it all on your own. Just make sure to plan an itinerary ahead of time and book your mountain huts.

Best Slovenia Hikes For Incredible Views

It’s time to explore the breathtaking beauty of Slovenia’s mountain ranges! With so many stunning views to be found, no matter which mountain range you choose, you’re in for a treat. We’ve highlighted some of our top picks for hikes in the various Slovenian mountains below.

Slemenova Špica, Best Hike in the Julian Alps

For those looking for an easier, more relaxing climb, consider Slemenova Špica in the Julian Alps. The trailhead, Vršič pass, is the highest road pass in all of Slovenia, meaning you don’t have to ascend much further by foot to enjoy some spectacular views.

Hiking in Slovenia
Explorer Chicks giddy with excitement

This is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Slovenia — and most visited — but that means you should plan your visit ahead of time if you want to avoid large crowds. You’ll be rewarded with a lush, grassy hill at the end of your hike, perfect for a picnic.

The trail is 5.4 km / 3.4 mi and winds through forests and green mountain pastures. You’ll slowly ascend and descend over the course of the hike, taking in breathtaking views of Mt. Prisojnik, Mt. Jalovec, and more along the way. It’s the perfect hike for those passing between Bovec and Lake Bled.

    • Mountain Range: Julian Alps

    • Trail Type: Out-and-back

    • Difficulty Level: 1–2

    • Elevation Gain: 500m / 1640ft

    • How Many Hours/Days: Give yourself three hours to complete this hike (and get in all your photo ops)

    • How To Get There: You can rent a car to drive to this hike — keep in mind, it’s a very curvy, steep road — or take the bus between ​​Bovec and Kranjska Gora if you’re visiting during the high-season.

    • Where to Stay Before/After The Hike: There’s no better place to stay than Slovenia’s adventure tourism capital, Bovec. Bovec boasts a number of quaint hotels, as does Kranjska Gora in the opposite direction.

Kamniško Sedlo, Best Hike in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Ready to challenge yourself? We promise it’ll be worth it! Embark on this full-day, challenging hike where a mountain hut awaits you at the end. There, you can fill up on traditional mountain dishes like ričet and jota, or finish out the end of the hiking trail with a short uphill walk that offers the gorgeous views you’ve earned.

Logar Valley is just below your feet and the European alps are all around you. Now that you’ve taken in these well-deserved sights, it’s time to turn around and descend the 6.8km you’ve just hiked. Spend some time at the trailhead, the spring of Kamniška Bistrica river, and enjoy the emerald-colored, crystal clear waters.

Experienced hikers are welcome to continue on and summit some further mountain peaks — like ​​Mt. Brana and Mt. Planjava — but these ​​impressive peaks will require climbing helmets and much more effort up a steep trail. There’s not any mountain huts for a few hours, so come prepared if you intend to continue hiking.

    • Mountain Range: Kamnik-Savinja Alps

    • Trail Type: Out-and-back

    • Difficulty Level: 3–4

    • Elevation Gain: 1300m / 4265ft

    • How Many Hours/Days: Give yourself 7–9 hours to complete this hike

    • How To Get There: The trail head is accessible via car — there are plenty of rental options in Ljubljana — or by bus. Take the bus from Ljubljana to Kamnik and then transfer to the bus that will take you to Kamniška Bistrica.

    • Where to Stay Before/After The Hike: Kamniško Sedlo is only 40km away from the capital, Ljubljana, making this the perfect location to stay before and after your hike. You can pick up some traditional Slovenian nut rolls (potica) before you head out, and come back into town afterwards to relax by the ​​​​Ljubljanica river. You can also set up camp at Kamnik, an old town closer by.

Golica, Best Hike in the Karavanke Alps

Most hiking trails aren’t blanketed in a white carpet of daffodils, but that’s why Golica stands out as one of the most spectacular hikes in Slovenia.  After the winter snow melts away, stunning white daffodils begin to cover the slopes in mid-May.

There’s no shortage of mountain huts here, and you’ll begin your hiking path at the small village of Planina pod Golico. Follow the trail leading up to a mountain hut. Golica is more than just its daffodils — there’s dandelions too — but you also get to soak in views of both Slovenia and Austria, as the Karavanke mountains separate the two countries.

While the Julian Alps attract most hikers and tourists, there’s a lot to be said about the Karavanke Alps. Golica is within close proximity to both Ljubljana and Lake Bled, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t make your Slavic itinerary.

    • Mountain Range: Karavanke Alps

    • Trail Type: Semi-loop

    • Difficulty Level: 2-3

    • Elevation Gain: 930m / 3051ft

    • How Many Hours/Days: This hike can take 5-6 hours depending on the marked trails you choose to follow

    • How To Get There: This is a more secluded hike, meaning public transport won’t get you there. You can rent a car and the drive is an hour from Ljubljana. There’s free parking at the lot.

    • Where to Stay Before/After The Hike: Consider staying in Ljubljana or Lake Bled for more fun activities, or find lodging in Jesenice, the closest town to the trailhead.

Lake Bohinj to Seven Triglav Lakes Valley​, Best Hut-to-Hut Hike in Triglav National Park

Check this one out: Three days in Triglav National Park, traversing from the Lake Bohinj area to Seven Lakes Valley, staying in mountain lodges nestled cozily in the Julian Alps? Do we have your attention? We better, because this is an unbeatable, gorgeous three-day hike that takes you through some of the best sights that a Slovenian mountain trail could offer.

Start in the alpine pastures near Lake Bohinj on day one, hiking for around 6-7 hours before calling it a day in a picturesque mountain hut. On day two, you’ll embark with stellar sights of Mt. Triglav — Slovenia’s highest mountain — before you meander through a dwarf pine forest. Your hut for the night will be waiting for you, perched on a ledge right above Soča Valley. End your hut-to-hut hiking experience with downhill mountain trails and a pleasant valley walk.

women paddleboarding at lake bohinj
Explorer Chicks paddling in Lake Bohinj after hiking through the surrounding mountains

If this sounds amazing, but a little intimidating to plan all on your own, come along with us at Explorer Chick. After you’ve conquered these peaks, you can chill out at Lake Bled and take an e-bike through wine hills and lavender fields. You’ll be living your best Slavic life, guaranteed.

    • Mountain Range: Julian Alps

    • Trail Type: Hut-to-hut

    • Difficulty Level: 4

    • Elevation Gain: 2000m / 6600 ft over the span of 3 days

    • How Many Hours/Days: This hut-to-hut hike will take 3 days if you follow our itinerary.

    • How To Get There: If you’re starting out at the ​​​​Planina Blato trailhead, you can take a free shuttle from Lake Bohinj during the high season, or drive yourself to the parking area below the mountain’s vast pastures.

    • Where to Stay Before/After The Hike: Relax at Lake Bohinj, where there’s plenty to do, or continue on to one of Slovenia’s other popular lakes, Lake Bled. Both feature tons of activities for all ages, plus more of the best hiking trails if you’re not tired out yet.

Ready to Get Hiking in Slovenia?

We’re sold, are you? Time to lace up your hiking boots — make sure you break them in first! — and book your next adventure with Explorer Chick. Not only will you get to do some of the best hikes in Slovenia, gazing upon high mountain ranges that you’re miraculously eye-level with, you’ll do it all with like-minded travel buddies. Don’t blame us if you’re dreading going home, travel buddies often turn into life-long friends!


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