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6 Incredible Trips to Take for a 50th Birthday Adventure

Ready to celebrate your 50th birthday in style? Ditch the traditional birthday cake and candles routine (and chores!) and step things up with an adventure tour!

From hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with a group of fierce women, to seeing the northern lights in Iceland, we’ve got a list of thrilling 50th birthday trip ideas that’ll have you feeling like the queen of the world.

Think: deluxe camping, porters, and chefs, plus breathtaking scenery and the camaraderie of fellow adventurers. We’ve got something for everyone.

So get ready to blow out those candles and embark on an unforgettable adventure to mark the start of your next decade!

50th Birthday Getaway: The Ultimate Adventure Vacation You Need for Celebrating Half a Century

Looking for a bold and empowering way to celebrate your milestone with a 50th birthday getaway? Consider joining an adventure tour for women that will take you on a solo journey of self-discovery and transformation, while also connecting you with a group of like-minded women.


SHE-nanigans at Explorer Chick, as usual


Solo travel within a group setting is the perfect opportunity to rediscover yourself and your sense of adventure, free from the chains of routine and responsibility. It’s a chance to challenge yourself, step outside your comfort zone, and fully immerse yourself in the culture and surroundings of your destination, all while making memories with new gal pals who share your passion for living life to the fullest.


The Best Time to Visit Jordan
Making memories and lasting friendships in Jordan

By joining a group of women on an adventure tour, you’ll have the freedom to explore and engage with the world in a way that is uniquely yours, while also making new connections with other women who are just as zany and curious as you are. It’s a chance to be fully present in the moment, laugh until your stomach hurts, and create memories that will make you smile for years to come.

Plus, everything will be planned for you. All you need to do is show up for a good time.

But solo travel within a group setting is not just about adventure and exploration – it’s also a powerful way to build confidence and independence. As you navigate unfamiliar terrain and make decisions on your own, you’ll gain a sense of self-reliance and self-assurance that can carry over into all aspects of your life.

You are wise, you are strong. You have seen s*%t. Your 50th birthday is like a badge of honor and should be celebrated with the importance and dignity it deserves.

As a wise, mature woman who has experienced life’s ups and downs, you know that true happiness comes from immersing yourself in new experiences and pushing beyond your comfort zone.

There is some serious bad-assery involved with these 50th birthday getaway trip ideas we’re about to share with you. Ready to change your life?

Where Can I Celebrate My 50th Birthday?

So, where are the best place to start year 50 with a bang? There are plenty of great places, but to give you some ideas, here are 6 epic trip ideas for that big 5 0.


1. Go Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Try Gorilla Trekking in Uganda
Spying on cuties on our Gorilla Trekking trip in Uganda

Looking for an unforgettable way to celebrate your 50th birthday at a dream destination? Look no further than a 10-day women’s active Uganda Gorilla trekking, hiking, and Safari Adventure that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

From breathtaking views and flying to Uganda’s most remote game reserve to explore unspoiled savannahs and spy on spectacular creatures, to hiking through pristine forests and tracking chimpanzees, lions, leopards, and hyenas.

But this trip is more than just an adventure – it’s a chance to connect with nature, learn about conservation efforts, and directly support local women by staying at a homestead that benefits domestic abuse survivors. It’s a chance to explore a different culture and gain new perspectives on life.

And of course, the Bwindi gorilla trekking encounter is the crown jewel of the trip – a chance to spend a glorious hour in the presence of majestic creatures that will leave you feeling awed and humbled. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will remind you of the beauty and wonder of the natural world.


2. Hike the Inca Trail in Peru

hiking section of the inca trail
Explorer Chicks on the Inca Trail Trek

What could be a better way to mark this milestone birthday than a trip to a historic bucket list destination with spectacular scenery? Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru is the perfect backdrop to prove that 50 is just a number and reaching your half century doesn’t mean you have to leave behind your spirit of adventure.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to endure an entirely back-to-basics trip. I don’t know about you but at my age I enjoy at least some touches of luxury even on camping trips. Check out trips with porter support, and decent accommodation – think dining tents, private toilets and showers and maybe the option for at least a few nights in proper beds after time spent exploring this unique region of the world.

Imagine your sense of accomplishment completing an epic hike, following in the footsteps of the Inca to Machu Picchu. Take in the amazing views and experience the unique culture. Get your camera ready for some unmatchable social pics.

This magical experience is definitely a trip for those with a decent level of physical fitness who can cope with and enjoy a challenging uphill hike at high altitude. If you love leg day and the high from completing an intense work-out, this is the dream vacation for you.


3. Go Ice Climbing And See the Northern Lights in Iceland

Now this was definitely on my bucket list when I was planning my 50th. It was only the fact that my birthday is in May and that’s not the best time to see the Northern Lights that made me reluctantly shelve that trip for another occasion.

glacier trekking in iceland
Glacier trekking in Iceland

If you love cozy clothes and cute hats, roaring fires and idyllic winterscapes, Iceland is the place for you. Beat the beach bores by casually dropping in mentions of your glacier ice climbing and hot springs soak seshes, and wow them with your waterfall selfies. No filters needed for pics of this incredibly photogenic nation with black beaches, blue waters and of course, majestic glaciers. Explore craggy national parks, volcanic landscapes and beautiful waterscapes and enjoy the freshest of air during your birthday celebration.

This destination would work equally well as a solo trip, bonding experience with friends, or even as a family vacation with enough outdoor activities on offer here to satisfy even the most hard core adventurer.


4. Walk on a Glacier in Alaska

woman ice climbing alaska
Women’s Alaska Tour

Continuing in the chill zone, how about exploring a glacier in the largest state in the US? Alaska has a whole bunch of fun things to do for bad-ass nature lovers so if kayaking, climbing, hiking, and generally high-fiving Mother Nature is your thing, this is the special occasion state for you.

Here are some fun facts about Alaska:

• Alaska has more volcanoes than any other US state.
Alaska has around 100K glaciers.
• Alaska has 3 million lakes and almost 55,000 km of tidal shoreline.

Consider a road trip or guided vacation to make the most of a trip to Alaska for your 50th birthday. For an especially unique trip, consider a plane ride over national parks or glaciers, trekking on a glacier, or sea kayaking through icy waters in the Prince William Sound. (If you want to do ALL of these, the Explorer Chick Alaska trip packs all these adventures in and more.)


5. Snorkel in the Galapagos

woman in the galapagos
Galapagos adventure trip

Some people prefer warmer climates and if admiring nature’s wonders on a sandy beach in tropical paradise in South America sounds like your idea of bliss, then consider walking in Darwin’s footsteps in the Galapagos.

All year round there are different creatures and plants to see, some of which you won’t see anywhere else in the world. The Galapagos is a group of volcanic islands, rocks and islets about 1,000 kms off the coast of Ecuador in the Southern Hemisphere. Visiting this region, you can check out the truth in the story that water swirls down the drain the opposite way in the Southern Hemisphere versus the Northern Hemisphere.

This really is the go-to place for nature lovers so if your TikTok is populated with cute animal videos and you love the National Geographic channel, you have to take the opportunity of a lifetime and treat yourself to the best birthday present ever – a trip to the Galapagos islands.

Enjoy impressive natural wonders, incredible landscapes and encounters with nature in a way that protects and conserves, then retire to luxurious accommodation to upload pics and share your experience. I mean, is there any point in traveling to these fabulous destinations if you can’t sprinkle a few brag-bites through your social media?

The fun doesn’t stop there though — don’t just stand and gawp at the sights this real-world Jurassic Park has on offer. Get up close and personal by snorkeling, hiking, and biking to get a 360 degree feel for this special place with beautiful beaches and a whole host of breathtaking sights you won’t see in even the best of botanical gardens.

Sure — you could see many of the world’s creatures during a day trip to the zoo but for a 50th birthday or other special occasions, a trip to Galapagos has to be on the top of any birthday trip ideas list especially if you’re keen to see turtles and tortoises from the water’s edge rather than from behind glass.


6. Go Wild in Las Vegas

woman celebrates a 50th birthday with a trip to Las Vegas with Explorer Chick Adventure Company
Explorer Chick birthday Las Vegas trip

The only thing you need in Sin City is a desire to have fun whether that’s in the many casinos, eating until you feel you might burst, scaling the rocks of the world famous Red Rocks or kayaking through the Black Canyon on the Lower Colorado River.

With such incredible restaurants and so many fabulous eateries within walking distance of most hotels, you’ll want to make the most of the beautiful outdoorsy calorie-burning activities around sin city (so you can work up an appetite and eat even more, of course!). Your hotel might have an onsite restaurant but there are loads of places to eat in Vegas ranging from casual themed to fine dining.

There is more to Vegas than the Strip so check out the “old town” around Fremont Street. People watch, dance to live music, and check out the many art galleries in this district, including the Metropolitan Gallery Las Vegas Art Museum.

I live in a rural area and work in a big city (basically, the best of both worlds) so I know how great a vacation with elements of both can be. Imagine being able to go from marveling at the bright lights of Vegas to the billion star sky of the surrounding desert-scape. Spend a day hiking, climbing or biking on day trips in the Mojave Desert then head straight back to civilization for a session in the steam room, hot tub and a selection of spa treatments to get you ready for your next adventure.

vegas vacation

7. Customize a Private Trip

Celebrate your 50th birthday in style by booking a private trip with Explorer Chick! Gather your closest friends, family, or whoever makes your adventure squad, and embark on a personalized journey tailored just for you.

Whether it’s a serene escape, an adrenaline-pumping adventure, or a cultural immersion, we’re here to make it happen. Choose one of our trips, but know we’re flexible with duration, route, and excursions —  your private trip is customizable. And because it’s YOUR private trip, you can even invite the Explorer Dudes and kiddos along.

More Wonders to Discover: Additional Unique Ideas for Your 50th Milestone!

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How Do You Celebrate Your 50th Birthday?

Birthday margaritas in the Grand Canyon
Birthday margaritas in the Grand Canyon anyone?!? (Yes, we do do this.)

Celebrate with cake, with friends, with an experience to relax or challenge you – you choose! If scaling a mountain solo or attending yoga retreats brings you joy then do that rather than organize an event for other people to enjoy. I’m a foodie so my idea of a treat would involve great, delicious food, in a scenic location.


What Is the 50th Birthday Called?

Did you know that a 50th birthday can be called a semi-centennial or a quinquagenary? Now you do!


Is There a Color for 50th Birthday?

A 50th wedding anniversary is a Golden wedding anniversary – gold is generally associated with any 5oth anniversary, including 50th birthdays.

Ready to celebrate your 50th birthday in style? Ditch the traditional birthday cake and candles routine (and chores!) and step things up with an adventure tour!


Why is Your 50th Birthday Special?

Any birthday is special, especially those when you reach an age with a 0 in it, but reaching 50 should be particularly celebrated as it marks a whole half a century since birth. For me, it was a milestone birthday that I could enjoy as an established confident woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go get it.

I believe we should take every opportunity to enjoy and celebrate life, so if you have a big birthday coming up, start listing those perfect birthday trip* ideas now!


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