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Best Mother Daughter Trips for Bonding and Adventure


I miss the days of raising my girls, but now that they’re young women I get to experience a totally different mother daughter relationship with them where they’re both my children and my friends. We love having lots of adventures together whether it’s enjoying cocktails at the best rooftop bars in the city or chatting over afternoon tea.

And what better way to celebrate the mother-daughter relationship than with a bit of adventure?

Scroll through these mother-daughter trip ideas for a bit of inspiration. From day trips to far-away treks, let these trips give you and your best girl the perfect excuse for some fun together!


Why Take a Mother Daughter Trip

mom and daughter on a private custom trip with explorer Chick in peru

When we’re off living our lives, time moves SO quickly. Which is why savoring the time between mom and daughter is that much more important. 

  • Moms — whether you have a close relationship with your daughter or you struggle to relate to this new version of the baby you raised, there are many reasons to take a mother daughter getaway. Use the planning stages of a mother daughter trip to listen to and understand each other a little more before bonding during the perfect mother daughter getaway.
  • Daughters — embrace the chance to get to know your mom properly. For years, she might have been your cook, cleaner, taxi driver, counselor, teacher, and more, but she is a unique person beyond that. If you can take the time to look beyond your historic relationship, you may find a new friend.

All you need is patience, a willingness to step out of your roles and comfort zones, and a few good ideas about where to go and what to do — those last two are where I come in! I’ll write from a mother’s perspective but daughter’s reading this, trust me, your mom will appreciate your suggestion of a mother daughter getaway and you can have so much fun planning your mother daughter trips together.

Best Mother Daughter Weekend Getaway

mother daughter utah trip

If you and your daughter can spare a weekend, the range of destinations for mother daughter trips expands hugely! You could take a road trip stopping off at world class museums, designer boutiques, trendy restaurants, and historical sites (or you could FINALLY go see that giant rubber band ball 🥎).

You could book a trip to a luxury resort and indulge in some spa treatments and delicious food, but with a bit of imagination (and maybe some inspiration) you could take your girls’ trip to the next level. Explore new awesome places and meet like-minded women of all ages who also want to spice up their life.

kayaking trip on the colorado river

1 Vegas, Baby!

Where: Las Vegas, NV
When: Monthly
Duration: 4 Days
Group Size: 12 Explorer Chicks
Who it’s for: Outdoorsy duos who like to moooove (think: rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, camping, hot springs)

This is top of my personal bucket list. 

I would LOVE to party it up in Las Vegas, then make the drive to the Grand Canyon, a Unesco world heritage site. I drop hints every Mother’s Day but I have yet to land a visit to Nevada and Arizona. 

Plan to visit between November and February for fewer crowds, lower room rates, and more availability (though you can also book with Explorer Chick during the shoulder seasons and not worry about any of the nitty gritty booking details). The weather will be cooler but should still be fine for hiking, helicopter rides, rock climbing, kayaking, and soaking in hot springs. You could stay in the city playing the slots and eating shrimp, but with world renowned red rock canyons just on the city limits and the Grand Canyon within a day’s drive, why would you?

Longer Mother Daughter Getaways for Grand Adventures

As I get older, I realize that experiences are worth more to me than “stuff.” 

A brush with serious illness or a period of being geographically distant can highlight the fact that time with your loved ones is priceless. If you can find time for a grand adventure, don’t put it off. Plan the perfect mother and daughter getaway and get ready to tick off some of your bucket list destinations

Prepare to step out of your comfort zone — ride a camel, camp under the stars, plan a 2-week-long trip to drive from San Francisco to New York City, or go gorilla trekking. You will not regret it!

Trekking in Uganda

1 Trekking in Uganda

Where: Uganda
When: November
Duration: 10 Days
Group Size: 11 Explorer Chicks
Who it’s for: Literally everyone, just do it

Nature lovers will have all the feels when they get to spot lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, and more on an exciting safari in Uganda. It gets even more thrilling when treks take you safely close to wildlife under the guidance of local experts. Get the ultimate mom and daughter selfie with a gorilla family (at a safe distance!) and make lifelong memories with a multitude of wild animals.

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women hiking to rainbow mountain

2 Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountain Adventure

Where: Peru
When: A few times a year
Duration: 8 Days
Group Size: 12 Explorer Chicks
Who it’s for: Super adventurous women who need adrenaline like they need oxygen

For women with an adventurous streak, how about hiking, zip lining, white water rafting, and mountain biking in the stunning natural beauty of the regions around Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain in Peru?

Get acclimatized in the historic Cusco city and check out the Sacred Valley or an ancient salt mine before taking in Macchu Picchu. Take lots of pictures with mom and make your Insta stand out — this has to be the queen of mother daughter trips.

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best of yellowstone

3 Best of Yellowstone

Where: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
When: Summer and Fall
Duration: 7 Days
Group Size: 10 Explorer Chicks
Who it’s for: Chicks who just want to marvel at how insane nature is together

Don’t pass up the chance to explore America’s first national park (and one of the most spectacular). Leave the city behind and book yourself a mother daughter trip to experience the best of Yellowstone

Investigate every nook and cranny of this extraordinary destination complete with peaks, valleys, geysers, canyons, and lakes. This adventure is action-packed from the moment you pass under the spine tingling inscription “For the Benefit of the People.” Along with spending quality time with your mom/daughter, you’ll see epic wildlife, meet new gal pals, and experience some amazing hidden gems on and off trail.

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Closing Thoughts

The best mother daughter trip is one that helps you foster a healthy and evolving mother daughter relationship. A bit of quality time together somewhere beautiful will turn into a cherished memory that will stay with you both for long afterward. From the United States to South America to Africa, may your next mother daughter vacation be adventurous!