Greetings from Peru

Yesterday was our final day in Peru with the Explorer Chicks. 😫 I am still wrapping my head around everything that transpired on our 4 day journey along the Inca Trail over the weekend. To say the least, the Inca Trail is an experience. One that any devout hiker needs to add to their bucket list.

I will be writing a full recap when I return to the States and I’ll share with you all next week. In the mean time, below are a few snippets from the Explorer Chicks who joined me on this incredible journey.

“Made it! 💪🏼 After four days of hiking 42km through the Andes mountains on the Inca Trail, we finally walked through the Sun Gate and into Machu Picchu. Such an incredible experience with these ten amazing women, and absolutely worth every step.” – Explorer Chick, Trevi


“This is the major reason I wanted to visit Peru- Rainbow Mountain!!! I’m obsessed!! We trekked thru snow, had ice pelting our face, hiked to 17,000 ft elevation & had AMAZING views! Hiking in that kind of elevation is no joke! What an experience I’ll cherish forever! 🌈🏔🌈🏔🌈 🏔” – Explorer Chick, Shelly


“Very soon here we will be boarding our flight to start our trip back home. It’s been an amazing experience and the pictures I post will never do this place justice. I’ve met some amazing women (we really couldn’t have had a better group) and had a once in a lifetime adventure.” – Explorer Chick, Sarah


In other news:
We also had Hannah and Becca teaching Backpacking Basics in the Red over the Weekend, while Lauren was with the Explorer Chicks in Virginia hiking the Triple Crown and learning wilderness survival skills. More snippets below!

“The Explorer Chicks triumphed through all forces of Mother Nature over the weekend in the Red River Gorge! Smiles always shine the brightest through the rain!

Why don’t we stay inside when the weather isn’t perfect? Because life isn’t perfect and we’ll waste our years waiting for all the stars to align. Explorer Chicks thrive in the present no matter what stands in our way!” Explorer Chick Guide, Becca


“Explorer Chicks were off the grid this week in Virginia as we hiked McAfees Knob, Dragons Tooth, and the Cascades! We had an incredible time learning how to prepare for- and respond to- emergencies in the back country, while enjoying some BEAUTIFUL day hikes.” – Explorer Chick Guide, Lauren

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