How the Banff BAMFs turned up the f*cking volume on life

On our last Blog Post, I had just said “Bye” to our Explorer Chicks in Banff who were off to spend 3 days and 2 nights trekking hut to hut across glaciers in the backcountry of Banff! In case you missed it, I had “crashed” our trip late on Day 2 because I was seriously missing all that good Explorer Chick juju. (No idea what I’m talking about? Pause here and head over to the Blog.)

So, what happened over the course of the next 3 days? First, let me tell you from my point of view:

Last Saturday, I had plans to hike the Iceline Loop in Yoho National Park. When I woke up the weather out my window was less than inspiring, and looked to be a better day for driving. It was a lazy morning with two rounds of coffee as I planned a slow, leisurely day driving the famous Icefields Parkway.

Meanwhile, the Explorer Chicks had their longest day ahead of them backtracking their last two days in the Banff backcountry trekking the Wapta Icefields from Peyto hut to Bow Hut and down to Bow Lake. All this with full backpacking and mountaineering gear. And, yes, this meant another glacier crossing.

So, as I was driving the Icefields parkway, I naturally decided to pull off for Bow Lake. I was just going to have a gander and snap some pictures. Yet as I wandered around the lake, my feet kept going further and further. (I swear they have a mind of their own!) 👣 Next thing you know I’m stepping stones and leaping puddles in my very sensible hiking shoes – my Merrell sandals. Now with my sights renewed on gushing waterfalls up ahead.

As I emerged from the woods I saw a group with full packs. Could it be? No way! It was way too early for their return. But then I saw Annie’s blonde pig tails. Hugs, just lots of hugs and excitement. There were my Explorer Chicks mostly unscathed, smiling, and looking a little like they got into a fight with Sasquatch. (I did hear that my name might have been cursed a few times out there 🤣). Forget the waterfall! This was the beauty in the outdoors I wanted to see! A sisterhood of empowered, enlightened, strong, gritty women. (Trust me. There is no better Instagrammable sight).

On the hike to the trailhead, I heard a few stories from the past few days and Amanda Valentine recorded a couple episodes for the Pound This Podcast. But nothing will be as real or able to recount what happened in those mountains. Those are their stories, each with their own purpose and plot intermingled with the women on that epic.

I am so proud of everyone of our Explorer Chicks! That shit was hard. Yet they all rose up to the challenge despite fears, nerves, and anxiety. Whatever they face in the future, they’ll always have those 3 days in the Canadian Rockies and every ounce of courage, strength, and will earned.

Thank you for letting me be just a small part of it all you, Banff BAMFs. 💗

So, what happened during those 3 days from the perspective of our Explorer Chicks? Below are both episodes from Amanda’s Pound This Podcast. Plus, a bunch of rad pictures! Oh, and if you’re on the ‘Gram, search #explorerchick for more!

Pound This Podcasts:

And, let’s give a virtual KUDOS to our posse of Explorer Chick Banff BAMFs!Nicki Bruckmann
Explorer Chick, FounderPS. We have a squad of Explorer Chicks with our guide Jaimie right now in the backcountry of Lake Clark National Park in Alaska. We’ll hear from them later because where they venture, there is no service. 🤘

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