Our Favorite Unforgettable Things You Can Do At Lake Bohinj

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Ever dream of swimming in glacial lakes and horseback riding in the Slovenian alps? Us too, which is why Lake Bohinj and its picturesque scenery is among our favorite destinations in beautiful Slovenia. Prepare to be enchanted by stunning scenery, no matter what season you visit, and enjoy an endless amount of outdoor activities.

Why You MUST Go To Lake Bohinj

While a journey to Ljubljana or Lake Bled would result in a magical, unforgettable adventure, we insist that you add Lake Bohinj to your Slovenian itinerary. You can’t pass up on the 700-year-old baptist church, and you certainly can’t miss the Mostnica gorge.

Trust us on this one — the Lake Bohinj area is a dream destination for all ages and all activities, even if it’s off the beaten path. Whether swimming and cable cars are your definition of adventure, or ziplining and horseback riding are more your speed, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia has something for everyone. 

The Best Things to do in Lake Bohinj

Nestled among the Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj resembles a fjord in appearance. Part of the lake is situated in Triglav National Park, which means there’s plenty of adventure waiting to happen. It’s only a 30-minute drive from Lake Bled, and it boasts just as many sightseeing and adrenaline-filled activities, if not more.

Visit St. John Baptist Church and do some water sports

The church of St. John the Baptist is over 700-years-old, built before 1300. Crazy to think about, right? Well, now you can see this monument for yourself. There’s an entrance fee for the church as well as the bell tower, but it’s well worth it to experience this historical and cultural monument first-hand.

paddling in lake bohinj
Explorer Chicks paddling on the lake

Visit Lake Bohinj in the summer to spend a relaxing day soaking up the sun and cooling off in the lake after stopping at the baptist church. Alpinsport is located on the eastern end of the lake, right next to the stone bridge, and rents stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes. Feel free to enjoy the water and just go swimming — now you can cross swimming in a glacial lake off your bucket list! 

paddleboarding lake bohinj
I meaannnn

Admire the Slap Savica Waterfall

Who’s ready to go chasing waterfalls? The beautiful, emerald-colored Slav Savica waterfall awaits you at the end of a short hike. The entrance to the waterfall is located on the western end of Bohinj, and have your euros ready. The entrance fee is 4 Euro for adults and just 2 Euro for kids (7-14). Prices vary depending on the season you visit. Those younger than 7 can always experience the magic of Savica waterfall for free — though they might need help hiking, as the route is short but steep.

Slap Savica Waterfall

It takes around 20 minutes to reach the waterfall, but that can vary widely depending on your fitness level. There are 500+ steps from the parking lot to the top — but trust us, it’s worth it! You can reach the parking lot via foot if you want an extra walk from Bohinj, or you can catch one of the buses that runs in the main season. The parking lot is also accessible by bike or rented car.

Slavica waterfall is one of Slovenia’s most popular attractions. If you don’t want to get caught up in the crowds, plan your visit for early morning or late afternoon. And leave the swimsuit behind — there’s no swimming allowed in the waterfall.

Ride the Vogel cable car to Brown Lake

If you’re in the mood for some nice views — but don’t have the energy to tackle a long, treacherous hike — then hop aboard the Vogel cable car that’ll take you to Vogel viewpoint. Soak in panoramic views of the Julian Alps and Lake Bohinj, all from the comfort of a cable car. The ride lasts 4 minutes, and you’ll get out at Brown Lake, which has an altitude of 1535 meters.

Vogel cable car to Brown Lake

If you’re visiting in the spring and summer months, this is a great starting point for some hikes in the surrounding mountains. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not paraglide or zipline to the bottom? The Vogel Ski Center can help you arrange this adrenaline rush, or a guided hike tour.

If your visit to Lake Bohinj takes place in the winter, then you have to get the true experience of an alpine ski resort. Offering skiing, snowboarding, freestyle cross-country skiing, sledging, and even a free park for children, Vogel has something for everyone. 

Experience Lake Bohinj and Triglav National Park by bike

Lake Bohinj offers cycling routes for all skill levels — so rest assured, you can even bring the entire family cycling. Beginner cyclists will enjoy Bohinj Cycling Route, which is a fully asphalted and marked trail. Village centers are easily accessible along this 12km path, so pop by for a bite to eat or a cultural experience at the Museum of Alpine Dairy Farming in Stara Fužina.

Those wanting a more advanced path should try out the Juliana Bike route. With 7 stages, 290 kilometers, and an altitude difference of 8,500 meters, this trail isn’t for the light-hearted. But, expert cyclists can take in wonderful views similar to those found on the hiking trails.

There are plenty of places to rent a bike, such as Sports 4 Fun and Alpinsport.

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Saddle up and go horseback riding

What’s better than panoramic views of lush forests and towering mountains? Not much, except for taking them in on horseback. Stop at Mrcina Ranch and pick up a trotting friend for the day, or for a quick ride. 

Mrcina Ranch
Photo by: Mrcina Ranch

Mrcina Ranch is home to 14 horses, most of which are Icelandic. Their thick and multi-layered coats mean they’re ready to ride all seasons, though warmer months require you to ride in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat. You can take a guided short ascent to Senožeta, or spend all day riding across Triglav National Park. 

Reservations need to be made ahead of time, so if you want to experience the surrounding natural and cultural features of Bohinj on horseback, you’ll want to schedule that into your itinerary.

Hike Mostnica Gorge and the Voje Valley

If you’re a nature-lover — and if you’re visiting Slovenia, we assume you are — you can’t miss Mostnica Gorge and Voje Valley. The Mostnica is an alpine river with crystal-clear water, rapids, and waterfalls. Hike it to the end of Voje Valley to witness the gushing waterfall, an amazing place for all nature lovers.

Voje Valley

The entire hike takes around 2.5 hours one-way, meaning this is going to be a full-day activity, but we promise it’s worth walking. Hire a guide who’ll describe all the natural features along the walk and present historical facts. Guided tours are only available during the months of July and August, so keep this in mind if you want this to be a main attraction on your visit.

Planning Your Trip

Lake Bohinj on its own is enough to satisfy your adventure-filled cravings, but what about the rest of Slovenia? And where to get started organizing your dream trip? Here are some travel recommendations and logistics to get your planning process started.

Day trip vs multi-day

A journey to Lake Bohinj warrants at least a full day of exploration, even though many people try to combine Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj into a same-day excursion. If you aren’t arriving with a rental car, it’s much harder to organize some of the activities that aren’t within walking distance. We recommend spending a few days if you want to hit everything on your list and you’re relying on taxis and public transportation. This will also allow you to really soak in the magic of Lake Bohinj and try out all sorts of activities.

A day trip is definitely possible — and easier with a personal vehicle. If your idea of a vacation involves more swimming and kayaking than hiking and paragliding, you can easily enjoy all that Lake Bohinj has to offer in a day. 

Hotel recommendations

Whether you’re looking to splurge on your accommodation, or simply set up a cheap base for your adventures, there’s plenty of options for Lake Bohinj visitors. Those wanting to wake up to views of beautiful Lake Bohinj will love Hotel Jezero. It’s situated right on the lake shore and features onsite restaurants, balconies, and an indoor pool. A stay here can range from 117 Euro a night during the off-season to 225 Euro during July and August. Travelers on a budget who don’t want to miss out on waking up next to the water might opt for Hostel Pod Voglom, which is cheaper and offers dorm rooms with shared bathrooms.

If sleeping lakeside isn’t a must, then Hotel Tripič will appeal to visitors with its spacious balconies and summer terrace right in the heart of the Julian Alps. It’s a family-run, 3-star hotel located in Bohinjska Bistrica — only a 10-minute drive from Lake Bohinj. There’s also the lovely bed and breakfast, Accommodation Resman, situated only a short walk from the lake and village center. Guests will love the charm of this accommodation, and its price — it’s only 60 Euro a night in July.

How to get to Lake Bohinj from Ljubljana

It’s pretty common for visitors to pair a journey to Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, with a trip to Lake Bohinj. Ljubljana is also the closest international airport, so it’ll likely be where your Slovenian journey begins. 

It’s easiest to get between the two places by car — the drive is only 1 hour and 30 minutes — and this gives you the flexibility to stop at well-known Lake Bled or any of Slovenia’s other popular attractions. There are a handful of car rental companies in Ljubljana you can check out, and if you’re visiting during the summer months, get on the road early to avoid any traffic.

You can also take a train from Ljubljana to Lake Bohinj. Get off at Bohinjska Bistrica, which takes 23 hours and often requires 1 transfer, and then you’ll need to walk, take a bus, or take a taxi to Lake Bohinj. There are also plenty of local buses running from Ljubljana to Lake Bohinj. You’ll take the 1.5–2 hour bus ride to Bohinj Zlatorog / Ukanc

Ready to Visit Slovenia?

Slovenia is sometimes overlooked as a picturesque European destination, but it has all the natural beauty and adrenaline-filled activities to be your next adventure. If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of planning an international trip solo — don’t be! 

Join Explorer Chick on an action-packed Slovenian adventure that features hut-to-hut hiking, an assortment of local Slovenian cuisine, a dip in Lake Bled’s thermal hot springs, and paddleboarding on Bohinj Lake! Best of all, you’ll make lifelong memories with an awesome group of likeminded women travelers.

Michelle Newblom

Michelle Newblom

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Favorite outdoor adventures: Hiking and biking! Those two, or long walks, are my favorite way to soak in scenic sights. I also grew up in the mountains, so I’m a skier as well.

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