Recap! Baja Out to Sea Adventure

The Explorer Chicks first trip to Baja might finally be sinking in (Maybe!). There are so many things I could say about it, but I first want to share my gratitude for the fabulous foursome of women who embarked on this adventure with Explorer Chick.

We were in tight quarters aboard our boat, yet never tired of one another. We went days without Wifi or TV, yet never felt an ounce of boredom. Everyday felt a bit more magical and I attribute that completely to the openness, kindness, grit, and support of the Explorer Chicks.

You see, Explorer Chicks are a special kind of breed. Not your typical traveler, but one who seeks an authentic experience, both in destinations and travel companions. We show up welcoming whatever the Universe throws at us (and boy, does it like to chuck us a challenge), and we embrace it as part of the experience. We accept one another for who we are and open our minds to a new perspective.

The Explorer Chick website has been known to scare off potential travelers, but that is not an oversight. We want to travel only with women who are truly open to experiences not confined to the mainstream. Women who understand that our adventures take place in the unpredictable outdoors and look back with laughter at desert wind storms, national emergency floods, electricity outages, or a nauseating night a sea. Hell, we wear it as a Badge of Badassery! Explorer Chicks always see the glass half full, give glorious thanks for being on the right side of the dirt, and shout, “Bring it on! This is living!”

So, thank you to Explorer Chicks Theresa, Meg, Jamie and Sara! 💛 You wrote one hell of a story to kick off our 2018 Adventures! As always, it was an absolute privilege to embark on an adventure with you all! I am so happy we shared so many moments together that will be retold for years to come! (Merman songs 🧜‍♂️, glowing sea lions, swimming through Bioluminescence, watching the sunset from a remote beach, tortillas to die for, dodging whale shark tales, and so much more!)

What in world did we do? I think it’s time for a photo montage!

And, she’s up! Sara had little problem getting up on her board at Cerritos Beach.

Whose happier, Jamie or Luis?

Mezcal tasting in Todos Santos!

Learning to breathe and warming up for Free Diving!

Aboard our boat with absolute breathtaking views!

Our cozy home for 6 days and 5 nights!

Theresa and Sara suited up for Discubering! (New word created during our adventure!)

Learning to scuba in turquoise waters surrounded by the desert!

Necessary jumping group shot at sunset!

Jamie enjoying the sunset from a secluded beach after a long day of scuba!

Kayaking to yet another secluded beach to hike across Espiritu Santo!

The sheer cliffs on the north shore of the island accessed only by boat then boot!

Explorer Chicks ready to swim with the playful sea lions!

Theresa hanging out with this little guy who loved playing with the rope to the buoy.

Snorkeling with the whale sharks! We were literally surrounded by the largest fish in the sea!

Jamie may have been a tad excited for all the animal encounters! (None were taken home against her wishes!)

Sara squeezing grapefruit plucked from a nearby tree for our yummy margarita happy hour at camp in the Sierra de la Laguna mountains.

Making pitiful tortillas. We left up to the pro – a local woman who managed to turn flour into a flat piece of bread and one of the best things we have ever eaten!

Bathing beauties at a secret swimming hole.

Sara showing us how it’s done!

I took over 1,600 pictures during this adventure! This is just a few of the highlights. It was certainly a much slower pace than our other adventures. More time was spent relaxing on the boat, enjoying the views, reading, playing board games every night after dinner, and simply enjoying one another’s company. Yet, we had the right amount of adventure exploring under the sea, luring mermen with our song, and hiking in the desert. Our first trip to Baja was unforgettable. Cheers to many more!

Ready to explorer the sea and desert with us in Baja? Check out our upcoming dates!

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