Almost a year ago to the date, I hosted an Explorer Chick Cincy Meetup at Rhinegeist Brewery. It was a wonderful turn out of women who showed up to support a local outdoor non-profit by drinking craft brews and saturating our livers with hops. We took up an entire long table and spent the evening meeting each other and sharing our adventures.

One of these women was Karenna Brockman. Karenna has deep roots in Cincy’s local brewery circles and an incredible sense of adventure. It was only natural then for her to show up to our little happy hour meet up! That night I learned she was with a local brewery and always seeking ways to celebrate women empowerment and growth. This past March, she spearheaded the launch of her brewery’s Riveting Rosie craft brew with the Release party taking place on International Women’s Day! #GirlPower

She herself embodies the spirit of woman empowerment. She has bravely jumped right into male dominant worlds. Last year she stepped into the boxing ring for the inaugural 50 West Punch Out. Her 2016 loss in the ring didn’t bring her down, but instead motivated her to train harder for this year’s match. This year was not only billed as an epic rematch fight, but also as the final fight of the night. I was so pumped to be in the stands to watch Karenna this year. It was one hell of a fight with the crowd on their feet the entire match. The energy was buzzing! After three rounds it came down to decision. And Karenna walked away with the coveted champion belt!

Not only is she a total badass in the ring, but she’ll knock you out on stage! She is working towards becoming a stand up comedian. Her #MCM: Joe Rogan.

Okay, so how in the world does Karenna fit in with Explorer Chick? Well, I’ll tell you! 🙂

We know not everyone can join us on the big, multi-day trips. But women still want to be a part of our wild woman community. For the past year, we’ve been holding single day events quite regularly in the Cincinnati region to connect adventurous women and grow our little tribe of Explorer Chicks.

It has been a huge success! So many of you have come out to our events to try an adventure for the first time, make new friends, or just do some cool shit in cool places with cool chicks! #coolshitcoolplacescoolchicks. I personally love to scroll through my Facebook feed and see pictures of women formerly strangers hanging out together regularly! This is what Explorer Chick is truly all about!

Okay, okay. Sounds great, Nicki, but what does that have to do with me?

Well, we are expanding these single day events and even giving them a name! (Drum roll please and recite in a big, booming voice).

We shall call them Explorer Chick Mini’s!

 Short, single day excursions that hold tight to our original vision. We do the cool stuff. No soft adventures, but adventures that get you dirty, leave you bruised, make you feel human, alive!

We are delivering everything our multi-day trips promise, but in fun size! 😁

A major part of making this possible is our new Brand Ambassador program which we opened up a couple weeks ago. Karenna and I have yet to figure out teleportation, so we are recruiting volunteers to host the Explorer Chick Mini’s as we spread across the Midwest. (Hint: If you haven’t already, go apply! We still need volunteers!).

Cue Karenna! Her next big adventure is with Explorer Chick! She is our new Director of Explorer Chick Mini’s and Ambassadors. She will be working to curate more Explorer Chick Mini’s in the Midwest and leading the team of Explorer Chick Ambassadors!

I am so stoked to have her on the team! I have so much admiration for her pursuit of passions that quite frankly make me nervous! So, please join me in welcoming Karenna to the Explorer Chick Team! 👏👏👏

PS: Are you a tour operator that wants a bunch of crazy, Explorer Chicks to invade your facility/track/forest/rock face/cave/etc? Then please send an email to Karenna to find out how we can partner! (

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