Welcome to the team Jenn!

Welcome to the team, Jenn!

And we are Machu Picchu Bound!

Hello Explorer Chicks!

Ever since leaving behind my 9-5 lifestyle and embarking on the Explorer Chick journey, I have created opportunities and space to meet extraordinary women under nontraditional circumstances. Networking hasn’t been limited to happy hours, sanctioned after work events, or conferences. (I’m still not one to turn down a boozy social hour! 🍻). Without the confinement of a desk, four walls, and a conventional work place, I’ve been able to really grow my tribe of friends and professional network beyond my little bubble. Let’s face it. I took one look at that bubble, smirked, and popped that sucker! I have since met folks by stalking social media accounts, mailing Explorer Chick swag to a radio station, and surprisingly hiking in the woods (That last one might be borderline creepy).

So, where in the world am I going with this? One such person I met via Instagram is your newest Explorer Chick Guide, Jenn McAmis.

She reached out to me several years ago when Explorer Chick was mostly just a project, and I was a new She Boss finding my way through the entrepreneurial fog. I’ll never forget that first phone call. I was in San Diego, crashing at my friend’s house during my first multi-month sojourn. We talked about business, but even more importantly we talked about the outdoors! (Duh!). Jenn was living in Tucson working as a personal trainer, but her passion was rock climbing and slack lining. Her free time was spent on Mt. Lemmon – literally hanging on to it with the tips of her fingers and toes! It was an instant friendship sparked by shared passions. Before the end of our call, it was decided that I would randomly show up on her doorstep ready to play.

Fast forward about a year and a half later, and I was letting myself into her house at 1am to crash on the couch. The next morning we officially met each other – and there was copious amounts of coffee involved! (Yes, Jenn told a practical stranger how to break into her house! But, the gut lets us know 😎). The next few days were spent rock climbing on Mt. Lemmon, exploring the Saguaro National Park in dresses, and devouring decadent boozy breakfasts.

Fast forward one more time to today. Today, I am super stoked to introduce you to Jenn as our newest member of the team and Explorer Chick Guide! 🙌

I can promise that you will instantly be drawn to Jenn’s infectious energy and good vibes while on an adventure with her! She has adventured and organized groups on 5 continents, from a cruise down the Nile and trekking in Egypt to building homes and exploring newly discovered caves in Mexico. Raised in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, her early years involved a lot of hiking and teaching whitewater canoeing. When she moved west she became a canyoneering addict – mostly because it meant not choosing only one adventure sport, but doing all of them. Her recent adventures include 2,000 foot alpine climbs in the Sierra’s; climbing and highlining her way across the US and back again in her tiny, old RV home; participating in first descents of canyons in remote parts of Arizona; and completing long hikes barefoot with a pack, just because.

Yep, you read that right. She now calls an RV home parked somewhere in California where she co-owns a custom van conversion company and freelances as a marketing guru.

Please welcome her to the team, Explorer Chicks! Jenn will be your guide this November in the Dominican Republic! (She’ taking my place as I will be in Brazil for a travel industry conference). Her background in personal training, canyoneering, and the circus arts guarantees a good time!

In other News: 

I am writing to your from the Toronto airport en route to Cusco, Peru. We have 20 Explorer Chicks meeting me in Cusco to make our way to Machu Picchu. There will be two trips starting with our Adventure to Machu Picchu on Saturday. Then, it’s our Iconic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu trek. I upgraded my camera before leaving, so stay tuned for mind blowing photos!  🤯

Keep in mind as you are having your mind blown, that there are strict limitations on permits to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. I strongly recommend booking and getting your deposit in before October 1. The reason is this is when the Peruvian Government releases 2019 permits. We cannot secure you a permit unless we have your information. AKA Every permit issued must be tied to an actual person and they are not transferable. This prevents tour companies from buying up all of the permits before they have anyone booked. They WILL sell out. After October 1, we will begin securing permits for everyone booked. Every time someone books, we immediately secure your permit. We will do this until permits are gone.

Samesies for our Vegas Vacation Adventure.  On the last half of this Adventure, we put in kayaks for an overnight camping trip in the Black Canyon – the first designated water trail in a desert and the southwest! But, here’s the really BIG DEAL. The launch is right in front of the Hoover Dam. Yeah, you’ll be looking straight up at this monstrosity of engineering ingenuity. To access, you’ll be escorted down a road not accessible by the general public. They only issue 45 permits per day. And, yep, we need an actual booking to secure a permit. They are available October 1 and they sell out very quickly! You’ll want to book ASAP!

BRAND NEW MINI ADVENTURE! The Cincy Zoo Slumber Parties have been such a hit, that we are taking over the Georgia Aquarium for an Under the Sea Slumber party. The overnight includes a Happy Hour, behind the scenes tour, exclusive Explorer Chick encounters, sleeping in front of the aquarium windows, and full day admissions. You can also add-on encounters with Beluga whales, penguins, otters, dolphins, or the seals!

If you missed it last week, I shared how I learned Explorer Chicks are THE BEST while traveling and hiking in Norway. You can read it over on the blog and drool over pictures! Keep an eye out for a 2019 Norway departure with Explorer Chick later this year!

And, that’s not all! We have our Smoky Mountain Backpacking trip guided by Lauren and Hannah kicking off on Thursday!

We still have some 2 spots left on our LAST MINUTE TRAVEL DEALS – Reap the benefits of last minute cancellations!

You will get the cancelled Non-Refundable deposit plus our Early Bird Pricingapplied to your 2018 Adventure which adds up to MAJOR SAVINGS! There is limited availability, so hop to! The full balance will be due at booking.

Havasu Falls Backpacking Adventure:
Save $600. Final Price: $1,699. 1 Spot Available – October 24-28
Code: FlashHavasu2018
Expires: October 10

Northern Lights Iceland Adventure
Save $800. Final Price: $3,499. 1 Spot Available – Nov 5-11, 2018
Code: FlashNL2018
Expires: October 10

Expiring Early Bird Discounts! 
Baja Out to Sea Adventure
February 17-23, 2019
2 Spots left
Save $300.
Expires 10/1/2018.
Code: EBBAJA2019

We stuck all of our Early Bird Discount Codes conveniently HERE

Trip Minimums: 
We have received a few emails asking if a trip has met its minimum yet. If you are asking, then I’m sure there are others waiting to book too! Don’t wait for others to book. If everyone waits, then a trip will never get confirmed! Once confirmed, you’ll receive an email from us so you can make your travel arrangements. If trip minimums are not met, then a full refund including deposit shall be issued.

This week’s hiking challenge is to do a handstand, headstand, any inversion! Don’t forget to share your pictures completing the Hiking Challenge!!

Cheers to boundless Adventure in the Outdoors, Explorer Chicks!

Nicki Bruckmann
Founder, Explorer Chick


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